Interested in Improving your Game?

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow the coach to better address your strengths and weaknesses, and truly push you in driving your game forward. It is highly recommended for players who aim to become more competitive and play at a higher level.

1 Person


Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private lessons are great for players looking to have some more time with the coach for a cheaper price. In a semi-private lesson, players with have an opportunity to work closely with the coach along with a friend and improve several different aspects of their game.

2 People 

$25/hr per person

Group Lessons

Group Lessons are great for players looking to improve their game in a fun-filled atmosphere. In a group lesson, players can expect drills and game play with specific imput on how they can improve their technique and strategy. 

3 or 4 People

$20/hr Each

OTA Certified Coaches


5.0+ Level Coaches

9.0+ UTR Level Coaches

First Aid Certified